◌ Mouse/Rizzo ◌

21 ◌ they/them ◌ white
maverique ◌ viramoric ◌ aroflux ◌ polyam
knight of rage ◌ neutral ◌ aquiborn
autistic ◌ adhd

◌ Don't follow me if you... ◌

◌ fit the usual DNI (_phobic, racist, etc.)
◌ police pronouns
◌ are an ace exclusionist/reg
◌ are against uncommon 'mogai' genders & orientations
◌ are against self diagnosis
◌ are a ddlg/cgl supporter
◌ are a pedo/incest/etc. shipper or anti-anti
◌ are a TERF or truscum/transmed
◌ are a sysmed, or otherwise gatekeep systems
◌ don't take alterhumanity seriously
◌ need me to interact with something before blocking you

◌ I don't want to see... ◌

◌ snake(s), gorgon(s)
◌ the word k!nnie (#kword)
◌ identity joke(s) (i.e. ‘cursed kintype’, 'gender of the day', 'rabiosexual')
◌ april fools

◌ medusa gorgon (SE)
◌ martsi houtek (HS)

◌ pearl/marina (Spl2n)
◌ any strider/zahhak ship (HS)

◌ mirai nikki
◌ httyd (movies)
◌ angels of slaughter
◌ devilman crybaby

◌ Alterhumanity ◌

My kintypes are my previous lives, and my alterhumanity is an important part of my spirituality

I don't respond to the names of my fictotypes (with a few exceptions for certain individiuals)

◌ dragon
◌ folykl darane (hiveswap)
◌ fink (ok ko)
◌ fake zagan (magi)
◌ robot rat (soul eater)
◌ mary louise dahl (batman: the animated series)
◌ zero (drakengard 3)
◌ pearl (splatoon 2)
◌ byleth (fe3h)
◌ chandelure (pokepark 2)

◌ audrey ii (little shop of horros)
◌ double doors (awful hospital)
◌ dutch (broken age)
◌ one-one (infinity train)
◌ squashini (kirby’s epic yarn)
◌ uspy (the adventure zone)
◌ yaguruma shichiya (2 x bone)
◌ theresa (must love dragons)
◌ malanya (breath of the wild)
◌ sarah lynn (bojack horseman)

◌ About Me ◌

Idk where this “pure of heart” stuff came from but it’s all false. I do EXCLUSIVELY extremey slutty magic and Unicorns love me.

hi! my (tentative) name is rizzo, but i normally go by mouse. i'm currently a college student and aspiring aquarist! i like animals a lot !! my interests include biology, xeno/speculative biology, character design, alterhumanity, and some other shit! i play flight rising a lot and really like dragons and also am one. also my ocs are cool. soul eater, homestuck, and pokemon are long-time interests of mine that i'm always sort of into but how much i talk about them varies. metalocalypse and drakengard 3 are more recent special interests, and then my other hyperfocuses come and go. as of writing this im thinking about fe3h and ososmatsu san

please don't take it personally if i block you. i block for any number of small reasons, including to avoid my own personal triggers. i'll probably unblock you if we've actually talked somewhere but otherwise please don't ask me to, i don't remember who you are and whether i blocked you for something actually bad

◌ Comfort Characters ◌

generally i like men who are bad leave me alone